Water is Wet. SF “Progressives” Are Hypocrites.

  • On the same day they rammed through a resolution supposedly condemning attacks on Democratic candidates for Supervisor, a deceitful mailer attacking Democrat Marjan Philhour, designed and funded by their own political allies, arrived in mailboxes across the Richmond. The mailer absurdly claimed that Marjan, the mother of three and wife of a schoolteacher, did not care about education. Despite numerous public comments urging the DCCC to join in condemning this attack, the Chair declined. None of the DCCC members said a word, further exposing the entire evening as a fraudulent, one-sided exercise in selective outrage, crocodile tears, and hypocrisy.
  • Just last year, Republican George Hume donated $24,500 to Youth and Families Taking Power Supporting Chesa Boudin for SF District Attorney 2019, an Independent Expenditure Committee that supported Chesa Boudin. The committee launched a wave of attacks against the Democratic Party-endorsed candidate in the District Attorney’s race, Suzy Loftus. The DCCC under Chair Campos did absolutely nothing about it. There was no outrage. No resolution. Silence. Campos is now Boudin’s Chief of Staff, meaning he literally gets paid by an official who won his seat with the help of Republican money. Frankly, Campos should have recused himself last night for being financially conflicted on the issue. (Hume has also contributed to Neighbors for a Better San Francisco, and presumably like Chesa Boudin, we are grateful for his and others’ support from across the city who back our Democratic and Progressive causes and candidates.)
  • Despite performative speeches from some DCCC members rejecting the political influence of law enforcement groups, some of those same members continue to hypocritically pocket their cash. For example, the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, the union representing Sheriff’s deputies, donated $5,000 to DCCC member and Supervisor Hillary Ronen earlier this year. Maybe when she says she wants to defund the police, she means by taking their money for herself?
  • Last week, California Barrel Company LLC, the developer of the City-approved Potrero Power Station Mixed-Use Project, donated $12,500 to the Affordable Housing Alliance, which works hand-in-glove with Campos’ faction and routinely attacks Democratic-Party endorsed candidates. Chair Campos and other members routinely raise tens of thousands of dollars from developers and contractors with business before the City to fund the Affordable Housing Alliance’s attacks on other Democrats.
  • Despite their faux protestations about corporate money, last year, Campos’ cohort accepted a flood of money from the nicotine company Juul, including $149,000 to Nate Allbee, a former aide to Campos and Ronen and campaign consultant for Supervisor Dean Preston, and current consultant for Vilaska Nguyen in District 7 and Proposition B.




Former San Francisco Democratic Party Chair. Dedicated activist. One tough mother.

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Mary Jung

Mary Jung

Former San Francisco Democratic Party Chair. Dedicated activist. One tough mother.

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